Indiana University
August 23rd, 2011

Summer is officially coming to an end… and how the time has flown! It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying a café con leche with my host mom in Sevilla, but that was 3 months ago! Now that my internship is over and I have spent some time in Michgan with my family, I am back at IU in Bloomington. It has been way too long! I keep seeing friends and sorority sisters, and forget it has been about 9 months since I have seen most of them. When they ask “How was Spain??!!”, I am puzzled at first because so much has happened to me since then!

Today was move-in day, and not to the dorms or my sorority house this time! I am living with four close friends at 2nd and Fess- perfect location to downtown and classes. Although I am very excited to be “on our own”, there is a lot of change and responsibility that comes with having a house. First off, cleaning and cooking are pretty foreign activities to us. Although we have chores at home, we were a tad spoiled living in our sorority house- where we had housekeepers and chefs. The upkeep of the house is also something we didn’t have to deal with. Taking out the trash and mowing the lawn should be interesting our first few weeks. When we moved in, there were a couple of issues with the house, including some non-functioning toilets and non-draining sinks. I guess that comes along with the fun of moving in to a new place :)  My room is finally set-up (thanks to mom and brother for being awesome during the move) after many changes of heart and wondering where every single shelving unit, stack of plastic drawers, and Phi Mu item should go. We are now all settled and excited to sleep in our house for the first time! Despite the few curveballs thrown our way, the day went very well overall and I can’t wait to start living in the new place!

On the agenda this week- order/buy books, time my walk to the business school, first Scholarship Advisory Committee meeting, walk to all of my new pledge class’ houses, visit my sorority house ,and see The Help and One Day… I’m definitely trying to hang on to my last few days of summer and take advantage of the great weather before homework starts playing a major role in my daily activities. I am super excited to start my senior classes and have a great last year!

Good luck to everyone on their first day of class!

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