Indiana University
October 11th, 2011

Hey everyone!

Fall has officially arrived! Bloomington weather and landscape have started to transition into the beautiful, cool and crisp season we have all come to love. My semester has had a great start- and I’m excited to share one of my new endeavors with you!

As mentioned in previous blogs, I am IU’s Campus Ambassador and Brand Representative for ReadyU, along with my partner Megan. Working for ReadyU has been awesome so far! One of their purposes is to serve as a promoter of Procter & Gamble products on university campuses. Our job is to create fun ways of accomplishing this including, giveaways, guerilla marketing tactics and events! Our first event is coming up this weekend. We are partnering with Sigma Delta Tau’s Philanthropy “It’s GrΣΔΤ to be a Kid” benefitting Prevent Child Abuse America this Saturday at SDT on North Jordan from 12-4pm! We are putting on a carnival with fun activities such as a bounce house, dunk tank, fair “snacks” and much more! Megan and I will be giving out free samples of Old Spice, Bounce, Cheer, Tide and Olay, and using these great brands in some carnival games.

Check out and “like” their page on Facebook!

Check out and attend the event on Facebook!

In other fun news, I have experienced/survived a couple of interesting things thus far living out my senior year:

- A field mouse in our basement- eeek!

- A can of diet coke exploding in our freezer (it doesn’t sound bad, but it gets everywhere!)

- Smoke detector going off 6 times while we tried to make one meal!

- Breaking the garbage disposal with pasta

-  A cat living in our bushes! (we think the old neighbors must have fed him!)

Adjusting to living out has been a wild ride, but my roommates and I are loving it… Thanks for reading! I will let you know how the event goes next week! I hope to see everyone there!


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