Indiana University
November 2nd, 2011

Well everyone, its that time of year again. The semester is over  half way finished. The leaves have almost finished falling off the trees. And I just scheduled my spring semester classes. I must say, it was quite a wild ride!

Each year, students start scheduling their classes based on a registration date and time that they are assigned. As a junior, I finally had a decent registration time and thought that I would be all set to get into my first choice classes and times.

Well, as usual, I failed to expect the unexpected. I got closed out of 4 of my 5 class choices before I even had the chance to schedule. Sure, I didn’t need to take all upper level courses in my major, but I wanted to. I was shocked that that had happened. Sure, I’ve gotten closed out of one or two classes before, but never almost all of them.

I had to regroup. And I did! I didn’t anticipate that everything would work out for the better, but it did. I am thrilled with my class schedule for next semester and I am truly looking forward to taking my classes. I am enrolled in an Anthropology class that I am particularly excited about. We are going to look at archeologist portrayals in film; yes I am a nerd, but this is the sort of class that gets me pumped!

Moral of the story- don’t sweat class choices. Even though you may have your heart set on a class or a time or a professor, everything will work itself out. You may not have even considered other options that you will be forced to look at if you get closed out of one class. The hunt for classes can be exciting if you let yourself follow your interests and enjoy yourself.

I’m still surprised by the fact that I just scheduled my second semester junior year classes. I can’t believe that I am well over half way through college. I have enjoyed many classes, gotten through a few that weren’t at the top of my list and learned a lot along the way. Spring semester is going to be great; I’m especially excited about the fact that I am enrolled in 5 classes and yet I only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays!

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