Indiana University
January 9th, 2012

Seems like it was only yesterday.  The crowd roaring in Assembly Hall; a sea of red engulfing speckles of blue; a new beginning.  I luckily happened to be in attendance when our Hoosiers upset the previously #1 ranked Kentucky Wildcats.  Indiana University basketball is back!

Throw in victories over #2 ranked Ohio State and #12 ranked Michigan and you have the makings of a very exciting season for Hoosier basketball.

I have always been proud to call myself an Indiana Hoosier.  This is icing on the cake.

IU will always be #1

Along with the exhilarating ventures of our beloved Hoosiers, I am excited for a few more things that this new year and new semester have in store.

In May, I will be taking that MCAT, and, yes, I am really looking forward to it!  This is a chance to put everything that I have learned from my first two years together.  While working on my coursework, I will be doing everything I can to prepare myself for this coming test.

I’m also excited for our Honors Residential Community trip to New York City!  I’ve never been to New York, but I can’t wait to be in Times Square, Madison Square Garden, and Wall Street.  This is just another opportunity facilitated by the Hutton Honors College, which offers so much to IU students.  I will be sure to fill you all in on my adventures in the Big Apple!

Here’s to making 2012 the greatest year yet!

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