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Major: Spanish and Biology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Classification: Alumna
I had heard so much about Indiana University from my teachers in high school - and I knew that IU was for me with its vast opportunities and all of the offerings I wanted in a university.


February 23rd, 2011

Hey everyone!

So it finally starts getting warmer.. but of course I woke up to 20 degree weather this morning and right now I am sitting in the Ballantine computer lab all bundled up.  Classes are going well, I just got done with my first round of exams (genetics lab, acquisition of Spanish, violence in latin America, calc, and vascular plants). Last week was tough, but all in all everything went well. With exams and such I haven’t had time to go home for awhile so I really can’t wait for spring break! As usual not going anywhere, but relaxing …

Spring Semester

January 24th, 2011

Thus far the semester is going pretty well, my classes are great and my professors are great. The only downside about this semester is the weather we’ve been getting recently – it’s freezing!!

I am taking two 400 level Spanish classes, two biology labs, and another elective. It’s a little busy with the two labs – but they are both pretty interesting and am enjoying both of the classes immensely. With the weather having a mind of it’s own, I haven’t had time to go back home and visit… so if the weather is decent, I will probably head back …

Winter Break

January 10th, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Winter break was great – stayed at home, spent time with family and friends, and relaxed.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the OR at the Indiana University Cancer Center in Indianapolis, and was able to watch a robotic surgery to remove a kidney tumor. When you are a pre-med student shadowing physicians and watching surgeries are crucial when applying to medical school. Not only may interviewers ask about these experiences, but they expect you to know more than what you read about in books. If you’re a pre med student, winter break and spring break …

Finals Week: some tips!

December 21st, 2010

I am so relieved that finals week is over. It is the most stressful time of year for students, that the week before is known as ‘dead’ week! If you’re a person like me, you turn into a monster as soon as dead week starts. In my apartment, I am known for some severe MIA (wells library becomes my new home). But all in all, finals week turn out well and winter break could not come at a better time.

During my time at IU, I have learned a few tips that I would like to share with you

1)      …

Thanksgiving 2010!

November 29th, 2010

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break and got to spend quality time with family and friends.

My Thanksgiving break was great! We didn’t go anywhere, but it was nice to take a break from all the school work and stress that comes a long with it. It’s at a perfect time to get students relaxed and replenished before finals week and dead week that are coming up.

So when break started I had HUGE plans of getting work done, but all my efforts failed (except for the first two days, I was a good stendt). I was …

Pre Thanksgiving :)

November 17th, 2010

This week is getting to be so long especially when Thanksgiving break is right around the corner! I’m anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday .

This week has been pretty hard; I had an evolution exam this morning and another genetics exam on Friday. Unfortunately, none of my classes are cancelled next week for break, so I’ll be in Bloomington on Monday and Tuesday .

Last Friday, the Indian Students Association celebrated Diwali at the Wilkie Auditorium. Some friends and I did a dance for the Diwali show, and my group called Bindi-ana (a group of 5 little girls) …

Happy Diwali :)

November 6th, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Happy Diwali!

I came home for the weekend.. the week was pretty busy for me, I had a presentation in my physiology class on Friday so I was meeting with my group members till past midnight working on it for this whole week (so I hope it went well). Other than that, I have been focusing on school work and staying involved at the asian culture center.

Yesterday was Diwali, the festival of lights. I came home to celebrate it with my family and we did a small prayer ceremony and then lit small lanterns (called diyas) all …


October 10th, 2010

Hello SAC Blog Readers!

As the leaves are changing color and the weather is starting to get cold marks the middle of our fall semester. For those of you reading my blog for the very first time, my name is Priyanka Dube – a senior at Indiana University. I am majoring in both Spanish and Biology and am a pre med student. Most of my blog posts focus around how to stay involved on campus and some important things to consider if you are pursuing a career in the health sciences.

I am from Carmel, IN but I grew up …

Back at IU

September 1st, 2010

Back at IU! I came back to Btown last Thursday and its great to be back (although I do miss the home cooked meals already)! I spent most of the weekend catching up with my roommates and hearing about their summers in London, Pittsburgh, and Kentucky. I also worked at the IU Asian Culture Center Open House, where I got to meet a lot of the freshman.

I just got back from my last class of the day…

This semester my classes are:

Evolution L318

Genetics L311

Human Integrative Physiology P451

Spanish Conversation and Composition S308

Panoramas in Spanish Literature …

Summer’s coming to an end..

August 16th, 2010

Hey there everyone!

Just a few more weeks till everyone will be back! It’s hard to believe that I am going to be a senior, college has gone by so quickly! Summer classes just got over, so finally I am back home for the summer. Summer classes get pretty busy since you are learning an entire semester’s work just a few weeks. Anyway, my mother and brother were in India for a few weeks and so I got to see them when I came back home last week. We usually visit the cities where most of my family is from …

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