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While it is great to be a senior, I did not expect that I would be extraordinarily busy.  If anything, I thought I would have more free time this semester than I have had since my freshman year.  That has turned out not to be the case.  I’m so busy in fact that this is sadly the third separate occasion on which I have attempted to complete this blog.  This year is interesting in particular because it forces me to evenly divide my focus between the present and the future, even more so than I had to during my senior …

‘No place in the world like Indiana’

Fall is one of the best times of year in Bloomington.

When the leaves start changing in Dunn’s Woods, the campus and city are shown off at their most beautiful.

It reminds me of my first visit to campus during Homecoming weekend 2008. Strolling through campus, I knew I was meant to be a Hoosier.

But as hard as I try to explain what I cannot — that IU has become a second home — I can never hope to do so as well as the late Ernie Pyle, one of the best remembered journalists of the 20th century and …

Busy Season!

The rainy weather is not the only thing dampening my spirits right now. On top of the rain, it is midterm time and the exams are rolling in.  During the past two weeks my schedule has been packed with exams, quizzes and presentations. I thought after I took my Accounting exam I would get a short break, but I was foolish to believe such a thing. After completing my Accounting exam, I had to rush to an executive board meeting  and then prepare for a presentation that I had to give on Monday afternoon. After giving my presentation I was …

Time’s Ticking

I can’t be the only college junior who feels like life is rushing past him before his eyes and he’s suddenly almost a real-life person dealing with real-life things.

And yet, it makes me feel so pathetic.

The weird thing about hitting the halfway point in a four-year college track is that suddenly there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And that’s scary.

When I first came to IU, there were milestones I knew I’d hit. Studying abroad was near the top, and I just got back from an amazing summer in London. Helping lead the Indiana Daily …

The end of another Turkish summer

And one 36 hour journey later, I’m back in the States once again.

Our last couple of weeks in Bursa went by incredibly fast. What with classes and our various extracurricular activities, ranging from traditional Ebru water-marbling to Karagöz shadow puppets and an excursion to Edirne near the Greek border, there was little free time to be had outside of what was CLS mandated. After our four hours of grammar-oriented Turkish language classes in the morning, we tended to either head off immediately to one or another cultural activity or break up into our own little groups to study and …

The City of Boston

Although I can’t claim to have seen all of the major sites the city of Boston has to offer, I have gotten out to a few of them when I don’t need to be in the lab.  For one, I would say that I am staying right across the street from one site in the Harvard Medical School, which, in addition to their reputation, boasts a gorgeous campus right in the heart of the city.  Being so close to the medical school also places me right down the street from two top-ranked hospitals in Brigham and Women’s Hospital (where I …

5 tips for studying abroad

It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

It seems like just a couple weeks since I landed in London, started my internship and struggled with British accents.

But now it’s eight weeks later, I’m in the last couple days of my internship and I’m still struggling with British accents.

And, on the other side of this eight-week excursion, I offer a few tips, things I’m glad I did, things I wish I did or just good things to know for a study abroad program. I hope you can use them someday when you’re one of the many Hoosiers who goes …

We’ll Get There

Well everyone, I want to start off with an apology- I am sorry that I never got back to you about Ireland. I came abroad with the best intention to blog and use this resource as a pseudo-travel journal. I have come to realize however, that blogging requires me to be sitting at my computer. With the rolling hills and coastal towns of Ireland just outside my window last week and the bustling city of London just at my fingertips now, I have to say that my motivation has been a bit lacking.

But not this morning! This morning I …

Here we go!

I can not believe that it is only a week left before I start my first professional internship. It seems like yesterday that I was just talking to students at the Chicago Scholars Reception about internships, and now I am about to start an internship of my own. It feels great! Also thanks to my internship, I will be traveling to Phoenix on Tuesday to train and attend a professional accounting conference. It just feels like everything is falling into place and I am finally having the opportunity to become the young professional that I aspire to become.

Other than …

On the Way to Chile

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll likely be all settled in at my host family’s home in Santiago, Chile!  At the moment, I’m waiting to board my flight and will soon be on my way.  It’s hard to believe this day is finally here!  I’ve been looking forward to this day for so many weeks.

While I have not yet set foot in Chile, my friends and family have been asking many questions about my study abroad program and about Santiago.  I’ve gotten questions about everything from the food, weather, currency, public transportation and even infrastructure.  Spanish is the …

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